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Presenting this cookie policy, we intend to inform you in a clear and transparent way about how and for which purposes we are going to use cookies on our website.

This Cookie Policy is an integral part of our Privacy Policy (link here) to which we refer you for any other information.

The Data Controller

This document provides information on the use of cookies and similar technologies, as well as on how these technologies are used by Sylenyx S.r.l.

What is a cookie and why is it used?

A cookie is a small file that is sent to your browser and saved on your device (e.g. computer, laptop or smartphone) hard disk when you visit a website. Cookies allow efficient operation of the site and improve its performance, also provide information to the site owner for statistical or advertising purposes, mainly to customize your browsing experience by remembering your preferences (for example remember the language and currency you have set, to recognize you on your next visit, etc.).

Which cookies do we use on our site?

The cookies used on this site are divided into the following categories, according to the purpose they pursue:

Strictly necessary cookies allow you to browse the website and use its basic functions and are generally installed after you request a service, such as access to a reserved area of our website. We point out that these cookies are necessary for the operation of the site and, in the absence of consent to the use of these, the website may not work properly.

Functionality cookies  are used  to recognize you when you visit back our site, and allow us to offer you better and custom functionalities, such as greeting you by name and remember your preferences (i.e. you language or your geographical area). We specify that, in any case, these cookie collects your information anonymously and do not store your actions on other websites.

Analytical and performance cookies allow us to recognize and count the numbers of users and to collect information on the method of use of the site (e.g. which pages are mostly opened by visitors and if the users had received any error messages from any pages). This helps us to improve the functioning of the site, for instance, ensuring users find with ease what they are looking for. To that end, we use purely statistical first party analytical cookies, as well as third-party cookies.

The use of strictly necessary cookies, functionality cookies, analytical and purely statistical performance cookies does not require you consent as they are considered “technical cookies”.

In any case, at any time, you can intervene on your navigation browser in order to disable these cookies using the settings of the browser itself as indicated below. However we would like to remind you that, as anticipated above, should cookies being disabled, some features or functionalities of the site may not be guaranteed.

Third-party cookies

Our site also features the following third-party cookies against which we invite you to read the respective information at the link indicated below since we do not have any control in relation to them.

Google Analytics: a web analysis service provided by Google on the basis of anonymous browsing data which track and examine the abuse of the site, to compile reports on site activities and provides other services relating to the activities of the site, including the number of visitors, and the pages visited. Google could also use the data so collected to contextualize and tailor specific ads on his own advertising network. For more information on the use of data and their processing by Google is recommended to read the information at the following pages: and .
The data collected through the use of cookies will be processed manually and / or using electronic or automated tools for the time indicated above or in any case strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected.

How can you manage and disable cookies?

In any time, you can revoke the given consent for profiling cookies and, more generally, to disable any other type of cookies. If you want to delete the cookies stored on your device and configure your navigation browser to prevent the installation of cookies, you can do so by changing the settings of your browser. Usually the navigation settings regarding cookies are accessible from the “Options” menu,
“Tools” or “Preferences” of the navigation browser you are using.
In any case, depending on the navigation browser, different tools can be used for disable cookies.
Depending on the browser used, below you will find the indications to manage the cookies,
as well as the related link:

  • Firefox:
    1. Open Firefox.;
    2. Press the “ALT” button on your keyboard;
    3. In the toolbar located on the upper side of your browser, select “Tools” and then “Options”.
    4. Select the “Privacy” tab;
    5. Go to “History Settings” and then to “Use custom settings”;
    6. Deselect “Accept cookies from sites” and save your preferences.

  • Internet Explorer:
    1. Open Internet Explorer;
    2. Click on the “Tools” button and then on “Internet Options”;
    3. Select the “Privacy” tab and move the slider to the level of privacy you want to
      set (upwards to block all cookies or downwards to allow them all);
    4. Then click on the “Ok” button.


  • Google Chrome:
    1. Open Google Chrome;
    2. Click on the “Tools” icon;
    3. Select “Settings” and then “Advanced settings”;
    4. Select “Content settings” under “Privacy”;
    5. In the “Cookies” tab you can deselect cookies and save your preferences.


  • Safari:
    1. Open Safari;
    2. Choose “Preferences” in the toolbar, then select the “Security” panel in the following dialogue window;
    3. In the “Accept cookies” section you can specify if and when Safari must save cookies from web sites. For more information click on the Help button (marked with a dot question);
    4. For more information on the cookies stored on your computer, click on “Show cookies”.

More on cookie management: exclusion systems

Without prejudice to the above, we finally remind you all the main browsers offer a private mode browsing which prevents the browsing history of being recorded. We also invite you to visit or for more information on cookies, on how they influence your browsing experience and, in general, on how you can oppose to the processing of your personal data by major advertising providers using the functionality provided and following the instructions stated. We would like to point out that, in the case of exercising the right to object, advertisements will still be received, but they will no more be customized according to your interests.

Some cookies-using third party systems provide tools for the users in order to prevent the installation of they own cookie. Hereafter we report the one made available by Google to block cookies linked to Google Analytics:

Lastly, keep in mind that the right of opposition must be exercised from scratch if the user cancels the preference expressed in terms of cookies or use a different browser.

Do you have any questions about our Cookie Policy?

For any questions about our cookie policy feel free to contact us at the following a-mail:

For completeness, we point out that further information on the processing of your personal data collected by this site are available within our Privacy Policy (

This policy may be periodically updated by the Data Controller, so we invite you to check it periodically to stay up to date.

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